What Caused the Massive Microsoft Teams and Office 365 Outage?

Microsoft has released an official statement on what caused the massive Microsoft Office outage on Tuesday. According to the official statement, the main cause for the outage was a software vulnerability known as “EternalBlue” which was the source of the vulnerability that allowed hackers from outside the company to hack into the system and obtain sensitive information such as passwords. The EternalBlue vulnerability affected the Microsoft Exchange Server and the Microsoft SQL Server. It is estimated that the total cost of the incident to the organization could be as much as $50 million in lost revenue. This is a huge amount for any company considering that Microsoft normally takes pride in their financial performance. Source article

While this issue has been resolved, it is still believed that Microsoft could have done more to prevent it from happening.

There were reports from employees in various companies that some employees had access to the system and were able to modify data. The damage that was caused to the Microsoft email server was extensive and the database contained a large amount of customer information. In fact, it is said that the database contained details about the email addresses, names, IP addresses, and even credit card numbers of millions of customers. This was the main reason why Microsoft decided to take this drastic measure. They are asking customers to change their passwords immediately so that no hacker will be able to access their data.

When asked what caused the Microsoft Office outage, the company did not provide any answers to that question.

However, the company’s spokesperson did say that they would continue to investigate the root of the problem and that they will release information about it in the coming days. It will be interesting to see if Microsoft will be able to determine who was responsible for this incident. There is one thing that is for sure; the company has taken precautions to ensure that this will never happen again. Therefore, it is expected that Microsoft Office users will no longer have to deal with this type of issue. However, this does not mean that there is nothing that can be done to stop an attack like this. People should still be cautious when accessing their systems to avoid any possible security problems.