Writing Online Articles For Profit and Traffic

Anchor texts are meant to motivate your readers. They tell them what you want them to do, and why you want them to do it.

You cannot just throw your reader right into your past event.

That would be boring. You need to establish a relationship with them, and build trust before they can engage in your subject matter.

An anchor text is not a question or a statement. Anchor texts need to be less than 200 words long. It needs to be related to the topic at hand. It needs to be relevant to the story being told.

The great way to do this is to make use of visuals. Why? For one, they get the reader’s attention instantly, so that they have more chance to pay attention.

Secondly, they tell the reader how your anchor text needs to be phrased, because visuals get the reader’s attention. Finally, they also show the reader what is actually happening within the text.

There are times when you want to use an image, but it doesn’t quite fit within the confines of the anchor text needs to be. You can always use an image in a caption or subtitle. I find that images work best in headlines, and in most case subheadlines. So that will tell the reader exactly what it is they should be expecting to see.

An online article author can also use video in their articles to really get the point across,

but they should not do it without a good reason, and a visual way to do it. Simply showing an image without explaining what it means is a big mistake.

When you use visuals in your anchor text, it is important to use them consistently. Always be consistent with your anchor texts. If you want to tell your readers something about yourself, then that is what you should say.

One other thing you can do is to present the anchor text with the link at the end. That tells your readers that it is an actual link, and so it is not just part of your text. Again, that tells the reader what they should expect to see, and that is why it is done.

If you are writing about a product, then use imagery to make your readers more involved with your anchor text. Use pictures, video, and other visuals to really drive the point home.

An online article author is always best served by being consistent with their anchor texts.

  • A consistent and compelling anchor text creates a strong connection with your readers and puts them in the driver’s seat.
  • Read other articles, get your ideas down, and then start writing.
  • Create an attractive story that will have readers staying put and reading the entire piece.