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Ngeblog 0.2 is an interesting PHP class that can be used to manage Blogger posts via the Google Data API (gdata). It can authenticate a user (or users) with seperate classes using the Zend_Gdata process, submit new posts, update or delete a given post, retrieve posts, and has multiple blog support.

Eris RistemenaEris Ristemena, from Indonesia, was nominated for a PHP Classes Innovation Award in October 2006. Voting caught him the third place prize, being beat out by a Another CAPTCHA Project (why?) and Subversion::Dynamix. He received any book of choice by O'Reilly. Incidently, Eris' blog uses WordPress.

One usage possibility is an online post entry form, similuar to Blogger. Except you could add in the extra bells and whistles such as Trackback Pinging and Technorati Tags. It would also be nice to plug in the original article's Url into the field for Blogger Link and auto-discover the actual Trackback Url.

I will be playing around with this a little bit. Emphasis on the word "play".

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If you are using Blogger and hosting your blog with your own Web Hosting solution (aka FTP Classic), then you will now be able to remove the NoFollow attribute from the comment author's links. Blogger Classic blogs hosted at Blogspot.com are still S.O.L. for the time being.

I do believe this blog is the first official FTP Blogger account to go DoFollow. Go ahead and give the comment area to this post a test run.

Past comments will still temporarily be NoFollow until (A.) somebody attaches another comment onto the post or (B.) I republish this entire blog. In the case of the latter, that will not be happening for another couple of days. I am in the process of adding on more functionality scripts which will be detailed at Tips 4 Blogspot in the near future. Fair warning, you may see some unpleasant side-effects while viewing this site during that time period.

UPDATE :: The Remove NoFollow Tutorial is available now. It will require that you enable PHP for your FTP Classic Blogger pages. Adding PHP to your blog will allow you to create server-side includable header, footer and sidebar files, amongst other little goodies.

The scripting package I am working on is called pfBlogger and will open up all sorts of possibilities for FTP Classic blogs that were never before possible -- think trackbacks, personally hosted commenting, spam filters, stat tracking etc. Major features and documentation will be hosted here at WebStractions (accessible via nav menu above) while the Tips 4 Blogspot site will be geared for instruction on it's usage.

I am actually getting pretty psyched over this, and I can officially add it to BUMPzee's DoFollow list as well as, Andy's ultimate list of of DoFollow & NoFollow plugins.

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For the last 5 years, phpBB 2.0 has gained a huge following worldwide and has played an important role in defining the success of Open Source software.

Acyd Burn, phpBB Development Team Leader, announced the first release candidate for the overly anticipated phpBB3 has just been released. PhpBB3, code named “Olympus”, has been in the making since 2002.

Support will only be offered on clean installations of RC1 and conversions from phpBB 2.0.x to phpBB3 RC1. Any other conversions/updates involving phpBB3 Beta will not be supported.

Conversions from 2.0.x to phpBB3 RC1 may be problematic at this time, depending on your setup and the amount of mods you installed. To be on the safe side, it is suggested to wait for later releases before you fully convert your phpBB 2.0.x installation.

What is new in phpBB3?

Features already available in 2.0.x but improved and/or enhanced for Olympus include Private Messaging, Registration and Search.

New features include the rolling in, and improvement of the Attachment Mod, unlimited subforums, custom BBCodes, custom Profile fields, enhanced User Control Panel, new moderating tools, caching and performance enhancements, warning reports, bookmarking, Jabber/XMPP support notifications ... and much more. In some ways this goes to, and beyond, VB3.

The Admin Control Panel has been made more flexible with a tabbed layout format. The ACP has been completely restructured and allows for easier extensibility. More improvements for Admins include global announcements, pruning of inactive users, error logs, language pack editing, user notes and search spider detection.

phpBB's creator resigns, group will go on

With the recent resignation of phpBB's creator James Atkinson (aka "theFinn"), a transfer of majority share in phpBB.com has gone to the now newly independent phpBB Development Team. This transfer will not affect the development of phpBB 3.0.x and support will still continue for the stable phpBB 2.0.x

The group of contributors behind phpBB all share a passion for Open Source software. The phpBB Group has maintained its ambitions since its formation in 2000; to continue developing and supporting a stable bulletin board system.

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Web developer cheat sheets still have their place even with the newer editors with auto-completion built into it. Print these bad-boys out and tack them to that cork board next to your workspace, or stack them on your reading material in the loo.
Cheat sheets ready for print

Most of the sheets come from Jack Daniel's cheatsheet area. There are a few more in there for RGB colors and Html entities, but felt that was going a little overboard.

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Core PHP has a cool little script for making easy reflections that will take any image and create a reflection of it. Options include caching, height of the reflection, tinting, and fade start/end.

While this is something easily accomplished in something like Photoshop, it could come in handy to automatically display reflections for user-uploaded images in a public gallery site for instance.

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