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Ngeblog 0.2 is an interesting PHP class that can be used to manage Blogger posts via the Google Data API (gdata). It can authenticate a user (or users) with seperate classes using the Zend_Gdata process, submit new posts, update or delete a given post, retrieve posts, and has multiple blog support.

Eris RistemenaEris Ristemena, from Indonesia, was nominated for a PHP Classes Innovation Award in October 2006. Voting caught him the third place prize, being beat out by a Another CAPTCHA Project (why?) and Subversion::Dynamix. He received any book of choice by O'Reilly. Incidently, Eris' blog uses WordPress.

One usage possibility is an online post entry form, similuar to Blogger. Except you could add in the extra bells and whistles such as Trackback Pinging and Technorati Tags. It would also be nice to plug in the original article's Url into the field for Blogger Link and auto-discover the actual Trackback Url.

I will be playing around with this a little bit. Emphasis on the word "play".

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Thanks for mentioning my class and you're always welcomed to add some features into it.
Ah, the man himself. Thanks for dropping by.

I will be looking at it closely to see if I can adapt it to my backend here. Already have PhpBB for templating, authorization and administrative functions (basicly dumped all the forum features).

Would like to create my own online posting form with a 'genuine' live preview. I think using your class and the FckEditor would get me 3/4's of the way there.

If I make any noteworthy progress that may affect your class, I will ping you back.
Check out the code from google code here:

This is the latest version.
Thanks for the heads up Eris. Will check into it.
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