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This is a cool tool from the people at TextLinkBrokers, the Advanced Backlinks Grabber a free labor-saving tool designed to be the fastest, easiest way to compile a very large list of sites relevant to a keyword or phrase.

What this tool does exactly:
  • Performs a Google search for up to the top 20 sites ranking for that keyword.
  • Crawls their backlinks and lists them by Pagerank, while eliminating duplicates and sites under the specified PR threshhold.
Then it sends you an email containing a list of all the backlinks that were found multiple times in the search - these are considered 'themed backlinks' - in an html and/or .csv list, with PageRank, for importing into Arelis or other software.

I gave this tool a try and it does exactly as advertised. I recieved an email with a whole slew of PR5+ pages (as I requested it to do) that appear in the Google results for a link: check.

UPDATE: Aaron Wall reported that Gmail "clipped" the report that was sent to him, and he did not get to see it all. Due to the amount of processing time needed to produce this report, it might be advisable to have it sent to a regular POP3 email account.


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