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I am not impressed easily by plugins in general, simply because there are just too many of them. But Lucia's NoOldSpamLinks Plugin for WordPress will get my award for Best Plugin of the year when it comes to be. The NoOldSpamLinks Plugin is in its infancy right now and a lot of work needs to be done to it still, but what I have seen so far is all good.

The premise behind NoOldSpamLinks is it will enable you to 'grandfather out' links to a domain that you have already posted about. Add the link to your NoOldSpamLinks list and everywhere that link appears in your posts will auto-magically change to NoFollow.

While nofollow is firmly entrenched into virtually every blogging platform, there are other forces at work that continue to hammer away at the now delicate interlinking structures of blogs. Interlinking, which made blogs a formidable search engine ranking powerhouse in the past is now headed toward the endangered species list with the latest method of wrongly advised SEO madness --- PageRank hoarding.

over 305 free themed fonts available at Typenow

From TypeNow, 305 Free Themed fonts.

Font categories include:

  • popular movies (Lord of the Rings)
  • television shows (Battlestar Gallactica)
  • websites (Yahoo ... no Google here though)
  • music bands (Pink Floyd)
  • singers (Lenny Kravitz)
Chinese internet firewall

A somewhat dated article about China attempting to view blogs that are hosted on the domain. The Great Firewall of China problem is ongoing.

The Chinese firewall only applies to the viewing of blogs at Blogspot, but apparantly does not affect the maintenance of those blogs. Blog maintenance is handled via the domain.


Instructional videos on the Internet have never been stimulating enough to hold my interest. Until now!

For your perusal, a very thorough How-To video on registering a domain thru GoDaddy. You are guaranteed not to learn anything here -- unless you are comatose of course.

Interesting PHP class that can be used to manage Blogger posts via the Google Data API (gdata). It can authenticate a user (or users) with seperate classes using the Zend_Gdata process, submit new posts, update or delete a given post, retrieve posts, and has multiple blog support.